We’ve spent years testing nearly every hosting platform on the market and have come to a simple conclusion: most hosting tech just won’t cut it for a WordPress LMS that achieves any degree of success. To banish the days of sluggish performance and timeout errors, we’ve carefully built our own hosting architecture that’s optimized for WordPress LMS plugins like LearnDash and LifterLMS. Our resource allocation strategy and pricing plans are built to deliver as much performance as possible to your LMS, while giving you the option to split your LMS from your marketing website using our companion site plan should you so choose. Unlike other hosts, we don’t dilute your budget by creating plans that divide your resources into 10+ site slots you don’t need and instead focus it all on your most valuable asset.

  • Starter LMS
    Monthly Subscription (USD)
    Yearly Subscription (USD)
    • 20GB of file storage
    • 8GB of database storage
    • 4 PHP workers
    • 500GB of CDN
  • Pro LMS
    Monthly Subscription (USD)
    Yearly Subscription (USD)
    • 40GB of file storage
    • 20GB of database storage
    • 8 PHP workers
    • 1TB of CDN
  • High Growth LMS
    Monthly Subscription (USD)
    Yearly Subscription (USD)
    • 200GB of file storage
    • 40GB of database storage
    • 16 PHP workers
    • 2TB of CDN
  • Companion Site
    Monthly Subscription (USD)
    Yearly Subscription (USD)
    • 10GB of file storage
    • 2GB of database storage
    • 2 PHP workers
    • 250GB of CDN
  • Custom Platform
    Starting at
    Monthly Subscription (USD)
    Starting at
    Yearly Subscription (USD)

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