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TangibleXP is designed by e-learning specialists to end your search for a hosting platform that can handle your LMS so you can finally deliver an unrivalled learning experience.

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We are currently onboarding a limited number of customers so that we can provide hands-on guidance and personalized onboarding, migration and setup. LMS sites tend to require more care than the typical WP setup, so we want to ensure you’re properly taken care of by experts.
This all comes at no additional cost (view pricing plans).

LMS performance without the buzzwords

LMS sites have very different needs than the typical managed WordPress host can provide. Most hosts rely heavily on an extensive frontend caching system to give the appearance of performance that just gets in the way when most of your visitors are logged in. Our focus is on delivering the raw power and optimizations that actually make a difference.

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Specialized Support

Your LMS content is powered by expertise.
Your hosting should be too.

Our support staff have a background in working with LMS sites, so we can actually help diagnose issues properly. We’ve built in a powerful performance profiling tool that helps get to the bottom of LMS performance issues quickly. If you’re an expert, you can use the tool yourself and if not our team can use it to get you answers about what’s slowing things down.

Cloudflare Enterprise CDN

Security & performance without plugins

Every site on TangibleXP gets to take advantage of CloudFlare Enterprise, the best in class CDN. Many of the extra plugins that people install to handle security introduce conflicts and performance issues, and many performance & caching plugins are very difficult to configure correctly on an LMS. We handle it all out of the box.

Personalized 1:1 onboarding & migrations

Let us help you choose the right plan for your LMS and set you up for success. We’ll help you migrate your LMS by carefully coordinating with you to ensure student progress doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.